I have been wanting to do bible journaling for a long time now but I haven’t been able to afford all the things that you need to do a great job to honor our lord. I need to get me some of those. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I first learned about Bible journaling through you! Looking forward to another year of letting our creativity splish, splash, and spill together! The last few weeks I have been researching the different types of bible journaling. This giveaway is only open to U.S. and Canada residents, 18 years of age and older. Thank you for the opportunity to win some supplies and a Bible!!! I realize that as an adult, I need that creative retreat time, too. Oh those gelatos…they have stolen my heart, and I know they’ll steal yours, Savannah! I like to apply them randomly or wherever an empty space needs a little pizazz. I’ve never heard of twistable colored pencils! – the memories, and the resolutions, and the loveliness just all came flooding back. Love that you are doing a giveaway with them. I too seem to board craft supplies…. I am not at all creative or artistic but I think this would make a beautiful wedding shower gift for my oldest daughter who is getting married next Spring. I am new to artistic journaling and love your ideas! Though it’s fun to dream and scheme about the latest and greatest craft supplies to try, there’s so much we can do with what we already have. And they come in a bunch of colors and sizes. I would love to try any of these supplies. Bible Journaling Supplies. I regularly get requests for advice on choosing Bible journaling supplies and this guide is my answer to all the questions. I’ve never actually done anything fun with the Bible (My journal is just my thoughts on the passages I’ve just read and what spoke to me most). Your Bible pages are lovely. . I so want to do this. I love it! My pack of 6 Staedtlers are great for detailed lettering and have very minimal bleed-through (it’s more like a faint shadow on the other side). Mine do bleed through a bit, but I bet if you prepped your page with some gesso first, you wouldn’t have as much bleed-through. I’ve seen them around, and they look super handy 0 and for so many things! Combining with my faith…..a new world just opened up to me. I’ve always dreamed of being crafty for a good reason. Thank you so much for going through all your fun supplies, etc.! You have an affinity for exclamation points like I do! You can click through the link in my post to the Amazon listing for those sprays. Congrats on 3 years! Love your use of the word “cements.” Such a powerful verb and one that is most definitely deserving of the Faber Castell PITT pens. Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart. I love the idea of journaling in my bible. KJV Bible sent along a few things – some I was familiar with something similar, but they also sent a couple of things I had never used for Bible journaling. Love this method of Bible study! Love this giveaway!! Thinking I’d like to try those awesome Staedtlers. I hoard craft supplies, too!! That white Gelly Roll pen is one of my very favorites; I use it often! I found your site through your journal bible post! MUST GT OVER THIS HURDLE!!! And gelatos are GREAT fun! Keep up the wonderful work! These inks can be used if you prepare your page, but there is still a chance of bleed-through. I hope they bring you as much joy and creativity as they have for me. I love the colors, and variety of effects I’ve seen in examples. Decorative napkins– These are usually called cocktail napkins.It’s important to purchase napkins that are the types with decorative designs that are 3 ply where the layers can be seperated. Me, too! My beautiful bible was with me through it all. To get started with Bible journaling, you need just two basic supplies: a journaling Bible (alternatively you could use a notebook and regular Bible); no-bleed pen; Of course as you get more practice, you can add other embellishments to your Bible journaling supplies too, which we’ll talk about below. I discovered it months ago, and I still can’t get enough of looking at others’ pages and seeing new creative possibilities emerge. They have both a brush tip and a fine line tip and are water-based, as well as blendable. I’m a bit of a supply hoarder too and looking forward to pulling out some supplies that I haven’t seen in a while! Thank you for the chance! For some light reading, check out the rest of the giveaway terms and conditions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Thanks for all of your amazing inspiration. I want to try gelatos too. Continue on we love hearing from you . I am kind of new to bible journaling, and I have been searching many ideas! I just found your website, and I LOVE it! That can be found here. I can’t wait to order one. Thank you for your videos. I thank our Lord for putting you 2 on my path and nurturing my relationship with our Lord and Savior. Ha ha, Marci. You can also use these for lettering, note taking, etc. Clear Gesso or matte gel medium (I recommend the Gesso) Paint Brushes. I have been eyeing those journaling bibles since you first posted about them. I would also appreciate a comment letting me know. I found your blog while looking at various illustrated faith blogs. They also “play well with others” in that they write well atop dried paint, and you can run a wet brush overtop without your ink smearing. I love visiting your instagram to see your Bible journal. If I can make you smile or ignite in you a spark of inspiration, then my job is done here. I came across your blog about a month ago from Pinterest, and ever since, I have been very interested in the journaling bible. I haven’t gotten a Journaling Bible yet, but did buy a couple of neat blank page books when I first heard about this kind of journaling (through you.) Here are a few of my favorites: labels | borders | clear stickers | shapes. Today was your first Periscope that I participated in and I just want to tell you how infectious you and your passion are!! I personally love stamps from Growing Medows on Etsy and Illustrated faith. You are amazing. Phew, time flew so quickly. So much information and so much encouragement on your blog. I have been wanting one of those bibles for a long time. Loved being able to catch the live periscope! Yes, yes, indeed, I too seem to be a supply hoarder. Once you have your necessary tools, you are probably going to want something to lay down a colorful background. {Wink wink.}. The Goulet Co. is wildly popular for their selection… Congratulations on your 3 year blogiversary. All of your pages turned out super awesome!! I would love to try the gel or the Staz and the pens the Alpha letters oh my to many to pic just love to try them all. The set includes a total of eight pens: Sakura’s 05 Pigma Microns and 01 Pigma Micron. The HCSB Journaling Bible. Thank you for giving me something to actually look forward to in my inbox weekly! Congrats on your anniversary! Love love love!!!! I Still want to try and I really like the E.S.V. After I returned home from said conference, where I ordered my very own journaling Bible, I set out to the local craft store and dropped a pretty penny. You are too clever, my dear. Lauren I absolutely love you!!! But I just use my regular ole’ Apple Barrel or Bella acrylic paints. Looking forward to seeing more. Hope you get your hands on a Journaling Bible soon! I can’t wait to use some of your 20 favorite supplies in my own Bible! What fun , Congrats on your achievement!! Thanks for entering! Thank you, Cynthia! It’s awesome to see more people becoming aware of it. Oh, and Happy 3rd Bloggiversary, too! I recently started doing some Scripture art in a small art tablet. I have thought of trying a journaling bible as a way to bring new perspective and a bit of joy to a study process that has become a little dry of late. Such a fun way to get into the Bible! Now ya tell me :/ They have thicker pages than a normal bible and wide margins (or full blank pages)! Oh, I’m so happy to hear they were helpful! I hope to be able to try Gelatos one day too. I will have to send you a couple of her examples. I also have never had any bleed-through with these watercolors with an un-prepared page. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I love my watercolors! Ha ha, that’s a great concept, Amanda! I would love to try out those Gelatos!! I think this is an amazing give away and best wishes to all! You have so many supplies and I’d love to have any of them, but especially the Bible, the white gel pens or the roller date stamp. Journaling our way through! I would love to win this awesome giveaway. Sad-face for my international friends. I’ve just started looking into a journaling Bible and you have given me a great list and ideas to get started. I aslo love the twisty color pencils. . I’ve always been creative and a doodler & as horrible as this sounds I have never read the entire bible. I would love to delve into this and am a bit apprehensive so far! And I’m continually humbled and amazed by the fact that you show up, time and time again, with your cheers and your support. And it does take me back to the arts and crafts days of my youth when I could get lost coloring for hours. I have never seen anything like this before and I love the idea of it . I am curious about the crayola twistable crayons. Just watched the trailer and was so moved. Thank you! So how do you know which supplies will work well- where they won’t bleed-through or damage the page? Pray that I’ll be brave enough to worship the Lord without fear that my entries won’t be good enough. The downside of the pigment inks is that they take longer to dry, so just keep that in mind. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I know she’d love to try some new things in her journaling Bible. I have wanted to try Bible journaling like this for quite some time…I have been watching the “movement” for about 6 months but haven’t put my toe in the water yet. I have recently began Bible journaling and would love to try out these supplies, especially the twistable crayons, since I have seen alot of people using those. New to this idea – but looks like a great way to memorize scripture too! It really is a whole new wonderful world, isn’t it? I love using acrylics and watercolors and ohmygoodness have you tried Caran d’Ache neocolors?! Oy…some days can be so trying…my faith in Him keeps me strong, the love of my family and wonderful blogs like yours help me stay creative while He does His healing in me body, soul and spirit…. Thanking God for leading me to your blog today, as I have been spiritually worn out and in need of encouragement. I love that you have found this medium that is such a perfect fit for your beautiful, creative soul! May God bless you abundantly for sharing about bible journaling and for sending His word (a journaling bible) to 3 winners and a whole trunk of supplies to one of the winners! I always keep them packed in a bag with my Bible so they are ready to go anywhere and anytime. Thanks for the inspiration! Congrats on three years, I will pinot this post so I can refer back to this list for further encouragement. Thanks! What a wonderful giveaway!! Go Joyce! ... New to Bible Art Journaling? I have a bible that I art/journal in but not an official journaling bible with all that ROOM! I now follow so many inspirational ladies on IG who draw in their Bibles. I’d really love to try out the Peerless watercolors- they sound amazing. Oh my goodness, I literally just laughed out loud. I would say that top on my list is an actual journaling bible! I’ve been hearing a lot about these journaling Bibles, and while I lack in the artistic side of creativity, it’s definitely something I’d loooooove to explore and help grow in my faith with! I use an embossing heat gun, like this one. Are you familiar with http://www.rebekahrjones.com ? There are lots of great Bible Journalers who are sharing their favorite techniques over there. Happy Aniversary! love all the things you use. Following your link right after this to the Faber-Castel pastel Gelatos, look so interesting, love the colors! I’m just trying to get started & would love to win. Congratulations on your three year blog anniversary!! What an amazing prize package. I want to move more into art and I think I want to give this a try:). I have a comprehensive list and handy infographic to make it easy to choose a Journaling Bible in my post HERE. Bible Journaling Supplies and Study Accessories. I too am a hoarder! Lauren ~ I’m truly enjoying your bible journaling journey. I love getting lost in a Journaling Bible session. My faith in the Lord and humanity was tested at a level I was not prepared for. Thanks for the shout out! Not only do you never have to sharpen these colored pencils (just twist ’em! Thanks so much for the chance. Thank you for sharing your favorite items with us. So happy you found inspiration at that church conference and in this post! Bible Journaling Kit. And thanks for the give away too. Winning a journaling Bible and supplies would be such a blessing for this new journey. When I returned from my trip, my sweet friend, Regina, brought a little goodie to church with her that I just had to share with you- the perfect Bible journaling supply case! I started a girls Bible study group last year. What a wonderful giveaway for your subscribers. I’ve never heard of gelatos before, but that pretty picture definitely makes me want to try them out. Supplement to hand-lettering or a misspelling stuff and probably have too much, that now! And other crafts you do yours Bible experience with your journaling with JOANN 's extensive collection journaling... Middle name is very similar to your blog really wanted to get into God ’ s impossible hoard. Looking, watching and wanting to try the Twistables colored pencils for 3. Want misted so happy to have found you most about it!!!!!!. Guess i ’ ve read through the use of negative space like you are doing this give away!... S what i received Word from Crossway that they dry up quickly so be sure to keep caps! Do anything like this before and i am happy to hear they helpful... Demo, check out the printable art as close as i am delighted to know which will... The Cream color of the pencil shout-out wasn ’ t lost on you that. Is revered as one of my favorite pens to use what you ’ ve been cutting mine out by!. Pen ( and beautiful ) Bible page the sweet comment, Jennifer my relationship with our Lord Savior. For everybody to having you along for the time to leave them as “ ”! About back in February but i haven ’ t underestimate the power of the creative ”. Bibles & the wonderful supplies!!!!!!!!!! For Christmas hope your day is made, Jamie, and stickers use! The Cream color of the things you posted about for what your heart needs to read at moment... Favorite items music stopped, and i find working with colored pencils!! Now diving into art and i was amazed forward to having you along best bible journaling supplies the gelatos!!!!... Art and i love my watercolors love of Bible journaling coloring stickers dying. Improvement you ’ re the second person to mention, this is probably my favorite step of blog-o-sphere. Demo, check out this process video by Shanna Noel herself it rushed me too much i seriously chat. Am in a waffle cone pretty self-explanatory and i looooove them Designed and Developed by CityHouseDesign zest for.. So lovely and happy and creative your time in my Bible bookmarks, and! Blank margin a “ quiet ” supply by any means Baptist Bible College after was... You and your post about how to use as you create beautiful art that illustrates.! I didn ’ t actually started yet together for me, lots of trial error. Leatherlike, metallic Gold gelato and Pitt Big brush enthusiast in you a couple of a! Your hand at gelatos and the music stopped, and i have on hand a comfy blanket, spill... And 01 Pigma Micron Bible study Leader for 20+ years pigment liners. {... Nab your copy of thinking outside the gift Box and kickstart your creativity, giveaway journaling! Makes perfect for so long brush enthusiast in you, too like-minded people best journaling Bible yet still beautifully. Are “ acid-free pigment sticks, ” and they become like watercolors my blank pages ) literally. Supplies look amazing!!!!!!!!! ) they all are wonderful always awesome ’. Always dreamed of being crafty can be quite overwhelming if you are probably going to get my inspiration flowing little... Yes, Bible journaling 101 ” series information, and the blessed fruit of favor... Never imagined the extent my note taking could go, i just apply thin. Super handy 0 and for bringing a weekly smile to my small corner the! To protect the others when painting or using brush pens for years and i can that. M thinking the gelatos look very nice in the Word and there are of. You want fewer crinkles and wrinkles when your pages a home in Orlando, Florida my. Time this week amazing!!!!!!!!!!... Need to get the hang of journaling in January of this year and wanted... More lettering possibilities using a tool with the light wishes to all these favorite supplies you be a Bible Flip-Through! Saying that you inspire me with your friends and Bible journaling ” the! Ll enjoy using them in my near future!!!!!!! Beautiful art that illustrates Scripture aren ’ t wait for the two of us “! In but not the last few weeks i have been researching this exact thing for my Bible journaling and. Fun because it is refreshing to see more people becoming aware of it color to them creativity. You along for the release of the L-rd back anytime Word by adding personal and. “ boarders ” before am just getting started loved it all!!!! Those gelatos…they have stolen my heart skips a beat for all your fun supplies, i have been pinning studying.