MP3 Music ... Audible Listen to Books & Original Audio Performances: 4 Chapter 37. Talking about the composition and the meaning of the song, he wrote that the song was a "whimpering post-breakup tune in which lead singer Amy Lee pitifully mourns the end of a relationship over a piano accompaniment that sounds like Pachelbel after the Prozac wore off", and that it "closely follows the 'quantum tragedy paradigm': the shorter the time two people spent together as a couple, the more overwrought the song is that describes their break-up. Translation of 'My Immortal' by Evanescence from English to Turkish (Version #4) Contributions: 43 translations, 174 thanks received, 12 translation requests fulfilled for 11 members, left 10 comments [22] In 2005 the band was nominated in the category for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 47th Grammy Awards for the song. Mark from NYC, NY was pretty close on his comment but "My Immortal" is about Amy's struggle between Christianity and another religion (Wicca). This book was so bad, it was good. Spanish translation of lyrics for My Immortal - Band Version by Evanescence. [45] That achievement helped the song re-enter on the UK Singles Chart at number 81 on August 21, 2011 and at number 89 on October 16, 2011. [77] In July 2013, it was uploaded to her personal channel on YouTube along with an accompanying performance video and it was released to the iTunes Store on October 1, 2013. [29] The song managed to top the charts of Canada, Greece and Billboard's Adult Pop Songs in the United States. AN: SHOT DA FOK UP PREPZ!1111 hav u even red de … [14] Her vocals are accompanied by a simple piano. [43] On February 15, 2004 the song dropped out of the top 100. It's almost like the director knew what was going to happen, but he can't have known. [68][69] The band also performed the song as part of the set list of their tour taking place in the US and Europe in 2016 and 2017.[70]. Obviously we filmed it before this [Moody's departure] happened and it's amazing irony, how much it makes sense. I'm sitting on a phone booth or lying on a car, to hint that I'm dead, that I'm singing from the dead. [4], The earliest known demo of "My Immortal" was recorded in 1997, which solely featured Lee's vocals accompanied by a piano, and slightly different lyrics. 2 Chapter 35. gost of u 3 Chapter 36. [57], The band performed "My Immortal" during various stops of their first Fallen Tour (2003). "[58] A live version of the song from the performance at Le Zénith, Paris is featured on their first live album, Anywhere but Home (2004). [54] He also concluded that she could have borrowed the dress from Stevie Nicks. First released on Origin, “My Immortal” is an Evanescence rock ballad describing the loss of a close relative or a significant other. [4] The drums, bass and electric guitars were recorded at The Steakhouse Studio in North Hollywood. He asked for a 3-step head start. General CommentFabulous song. [6] It was again recorded for the band's debut full-length debut studio album, Fallen where the vocals of the demo version were accompanied by slightly different instrumentation. The later pressings of Fallen contain the single version (or "band version") of "My Immortal" as a hidden track. The Doobies guitarist and lead singer, Tom wrote the classics "Listen To The Music," "Long Train Runnin'" and "China Grove.". They are both awesome versions in my … Translation in Spanish. My Immortal was used as a notable example of how far slash fiction can go in changing the original text and how extratextual matters, such as comments about My Immortal and diaristic updates by the fanfiction author about her life and how that is reflected in the text, color how readers view the text. [67] The song was later added on the set list of their third worldwide tour in support of their third self-titled studio album, the Evanescence Tour (2011–12). [21] Jordan Reimer, a writer of The Daily Princetonian found a "haunting beauty" in the song. "My Immortal" is a song by American rock band Evanescence from their debut studio album, Fallen (2003). And when we got the video back and watched it, it was right after he had left. It later re-entered at number 84 on July 13, 2008. The top chant artist in the Western world, Krishna Das talks about how these Hindu mantras compare to Christian worship songs. The song was written by guitarist Ben Moody, lead singer Amy Lee and keyboardist David Hodges, and it was produced by Moody and Dave Fortman. 9 Chapter 42. da blak parade 10 Chapter 43. [11] Adrien Begrand of PopMatters concluded that in "My Immortal", Lee is "doing her McLachlan/Tori Amos schtick". [1][3], *sales figures based on certification alone^shipments figures based on certification alonesales+streaming figures based on certification alone, "That's the difference between us, Ben [Moody] tends to write like a storyteller, and it's not necessarily from any kind of personal experience. "[2] Joe D'Angelo of MTV News said that Lee's disconnection in the video shows a "distressed and emotionally wrought heroine. "Wonderwall" peaked at #8 in 1996. It was released by Wind-up Records on December 8, 2003, as the third single from the album. [36], On the Australian Singles Chart, "My Immortal" debuted at number four on January 25, 2004, which became its peak position. [2] The version that was recorded and released as a single is moderately alternative to that of the album version, and is often referred to as the "band version" because of the additional band performing the bridge and final chorus of the song. [35] Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems placed the song at number six on the list of most played radio songs in 2004 with 317,577 spins. The version of the song released as a single was dubbed the "band version" because of the complete band's performance of the bridge and final chorus of the song. She is wearing a long white dress and is seen walking around the fountain, surrounded by children and other people that appear to be unaware or indifferent to her presence and whereabouts. Lee's vocal range for the song runs from the low musical note of A3 to the high note of C♯5. [41] The next week, it fell to number nine, then spent three more non-consecutive weeks in the top ten. -Amy Lee talking about "My Immortal" and its conception. The single was certified gold in the United States, and platinum in Australia. [4] The orchestral parts in the song were arranged by the composer Graeme Revell. "[55], Evanescence performed the song at the 2004 Billboard Music Awards on December 8, 2004. "[1] He also stated in the booklet of Fallen that he dedicated the song to his grandfather, Bill Holcomb. Various versions of "My Immortal" were recorded; one of them was included on the And the sound quality is bad because we had to break into the studio to record it late at night when no one was around because we couldn't afford a real session. Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody wrote the otherworldly lyrics and the piano part for this song, fleshing it out with lead singer Amy Lee. [15] The song was also compared with some of Enya's material. It's all about separation. [27] It reached number 19 on the Adult Contemporary chart as well. And it's bizarre how much the video is about that. Various versions of "My Immortal" were recorded; one of them was included on the demo album Origin (2000) and another on the EP release Mystary (2003). The biggest difference is the guitar and drum climax as opposed to the piano-driven climax of the album version towards the end of the song. The characters and storyline are complete rip-offs from My Immortal, and are definitely less interesting. It's just one of those fate things."[49]. "[2], "My Immortal" is a piano[9][10] and power ballad[11] written in the key of A major. Chapter 1. [64][65][66] Evanescence also played the song live at their secret New York City gig which took place on November 4, 2009[19] and during the 2011 Rock in Rio festival on October 2, 2011. The song was written by guitarist Ben Moody, lead singer Amy Lee and keyboardist David Hodges, and it was produced by Moody and Dave Fortman. Download the best MP3 Karaoke Songs on Karaoke Version. Ben Moody wrote the original in full when he was 15 years old. Jonie from Alameda, Ca Amy Lee is a wonderful live singer when she's not trying to be enthusiastic about it. We all sat there with goose bumps, like, 'Holy crap. When you see the video it's really amazing. Her author's notes are usually a bunch of unreadable garbage, typically ranting at "pozrs" and "flamming." An alternative version appears on the band's fourth studio album Synthesis (2017). It was originally released on the band’s debut album, Fallen. An accompanying music video directed by David Mould was filmed entirely in black-and-white in Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, on October 10, 2003. This one is the version featured on their video as well. My Immortal/Chapters 1-11 Full text of My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie, Chapter One to Chapter Eleven. Throughout the video, Lee is never filmed on ground level. An arrangement of the song inspired by Gregorian chant was covered by the group Gregorian on their 2004 album, The Dark Side. We fought back and forth about it and finally we gave in, but we were all so angry about it. "Rockin' In The Free World" is a very pro-America title, but the song takes on politicians who are indifferent to the poor and disenfranchised. A very strong "fuk u!!" 1 Chapter 34. It charted at number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 and topped the charts in Canada, Greece and Portugal, as well as on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart. It's cool. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs. ", "In The Recording Studio With Evanescence: Recording Fallen", "My Immortal Band Version Free Download Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)", "Evanescence's Amy Lee is 'feeling really, really good", "Evanescence singer takes Christian band in new direction", "Evanescence Make Understatement Of At Chicago Sweat Factory", "Evanescence: Amy Lee Explains the New Songs", "Evanescence Return to the Stage at 'Secret' New York Gig", "Evanescence Steal The Hearts Of San Francisco", "Bare-boned Evanescence album lacks heart", "Evanescence Chart History (Adult Contemporary)", "American single certifications – Evanescence – My Immortal", "Adult Pop Songs (Week of March 27, 2004)", International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Greece, "Another week at top of Billboard chart for OutKast", "The Way You Don't Move – Michael Jackson remembered", "Usher's 'Yeah!' In 2005, it received a nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 47th Grammy Awards. They evoke a spirit, but he insists the song has nothing to do with God or religion. I definitely remember watching 'My Immortal,' like, 'That was not some dream where it was really somebody else.' Written by: A. Lee, B. Moody and D. Hodges My Immortal is the fourth track from Evanescence's debut album, Fallen. "[18] A writer for IGN said that "'My Immortal' is a song of pain and despair caused by the loss of a family member or very close friend and how it drove her [Lee] to the edge of insanity. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and John Malkovich are just a few of the film stars who have moonlighted in music videos. 4.9 out of 5 stars 69. I've totally had a couple of those moments. [72] Dancer Hampton Williams performed to this song during his audition for the season 9 premiere of So You Think You Can Dance, broadcast on May 24, 2012, where he received a standing ovation,[73][74] and in season 11 the song accompanied a performance by the top seven women, choreographed by Mandy Moore and broadcast on July 30, 2014, that earned similar reviews. "[25], The song is considered the band's second most successful single of all time, generally peaking within the top 20 of more than 10 countries internationally. My Immortal (Original Version) song meanings Add your thoughts 1 Comment. My Immortal is a very loose Harry Potter fanfiction story about Ebony (or Enoby) Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, a gothic teenage vampire girl who attends Hogwarts school. It was released by Wind-up Records on December 8, 2003, as the third single from the album. [33][34] On the Billboard's Radio Songs chart, the song peaked at number seven on April 10, 2004. The song wasn't included on EP eventually. 8 Chapter 41. [44] After spending several weeks on different positions on the UK Rock Chart, on August 21, 2011, it peaked at number one. Terry Balsamo, former guitarist of the band Cold, replaced Ben Moody on guitar for this album. The song was also commercially successful, peaking within the top ten in more than ten countries. [39] The single was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for shipment of 70,000 copies in that country. Evanescence originally released My Immortal written by Amy Lee and Ben Moody and Evanescence released it on the album Fallen in 2003. Lucy Walsh, a contestant of the show Rock the Cradle, covered the song during the fifth episode, "Judge's Picks". To say anymore may spoil the lulz. [1] It is also featured on the band's 2003 EP, Mystary, which is much more similar to the band version. The hacker shared her own version of the story's ending in a post titled Chapter 39, while simultaneously leaking Tara's original version of Chapter 39. The music video for "My Immortal" begins with Lee sitting on a fountain. Original Lyrics. It was also covered by Boyce Avenue, Uriel and His Instrumental Piano, Johanna Hämäläinen, Nord 'n' Commander and other artists. [16], The lyrics of the song refer to a spirit that haunts the memory of a grieving loved one. It is unclear as to which Hogwarts School clique Hargrid belongs to. The song peaked at number one on the UK Rock Chart for three consecutive weeks in 2011: Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, Recording Industry Association of America, Australian Recording Industry Association, List of Canadian number-one singles of 2004, Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks number-one hits of 2004, List of UK Rock Chart number-one singles of 2011, "Are There Clues To Evanescence's Problems In Their New Video? '"[48] In an interview with the British magazine Rock Sound, Lee further explained the concept which was related with his departure: "You know what? He is wearing a suit and his feet are bare. "My Immortal" reached number seven position on Billboard Hot 100. Hargrid is very obsessed with Ebony, to th… [56] The band was joined by an eight-piece string section during the performance and a stage backdrop of knotted, decaying trees were placed on stage in order to showcase the "powerful vocals" by Amy Lee as stated by a writer of Billboard. Shots of Moody follow, who appears to be sullen and withdrawn. [60][61][62] Johnny Loftus of AllMusic praised the live version saying that Lee takes a "softer approach" while performing "My Immortal" and added that it "becomes a singalong moment for 5,000 souls". Robert Copsey of Digital Spy wrote that the cover "range[s] from the excruciating to the offensively inoffensive". The story is infamous for its horrible abuse to the english language and extreme gothic attitude. Date of Publication:March 3, 2006 (original version); August 2, 2010 (revived version) Shaun breaks down the Seether songs, including the one about his brother, the one about Ozzy, and the one that may or may not be about his ex-girlfriend Amy Lee. It was really neat. A C#m i'm so tired of being here A9 C#m suppressed by all of my childish fears A and if you have to leave C#m i wish that you would just leave A9 C#m because your presence still lingers here F#m and it won't leave me alone C#m F#m these wounds won't seem to heal C#m F#m this pain is just too real C#m E there's just too much that time cannot erase